Wednesday 11 June 2014

Route: Withnell Fold
Distance: 14 Miles
Time: 1h:22mins

I'm only posting this one as it was the first ride on my new bike. It's a Merlin Malt 4 and was the top spec model when it was bought (not by me). When my old trusty Marin was stolen last year I decide to wait for the right second hand bike to come along. I waited almost a year before I spotted this one (my list of requirements was quite high) and sat there nervously waiting for the clock to tick down on my highest bid!

The main thing I wanted was remote lockout suspension forks which would come in handy for the not so good parts of the canal but I've always fancied a Merlin bike and at one point I almost bought a frame so I could swap over my Marin parts.

I have to say this bike is really, really nice to ride, but I still miss my old bike (sad I know).

Out (not by choice) with the old:

in with the new:

If anyone happens to come across the Marin pictured at the top, then please contact me. Any info leading to the bike being returned will result in a big kiss and a few £10 notes (at least five). You can of course, just take the notes!

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